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Solzhenitsyn Plays Schubert

This recording contains two sonatas, written close together in the middle months of 1825, which represent the first fully mature piano writing to emerge from Schubert’s pen.


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"It is here, in the third and final statement of the rondo theme (bar 172)—a decelerated, hypnotizing meditation of whispered sixteenths—that the catharsis of leave-taking, adumbrated in the endings of both the middle movements, finds its most refined and profound expression, an irrevocable winding-down of a heartbeat slowing, faint, and at last extinguished."

—from Ignat Solzhenitsyn's liner notes

FRANZ SCHUBERT  (1797-1828)
Sonata in C major, D. 840  (1825)
Sonata in D major, D. 850  (1825)


  1.  Sonata in C major, D. 840 - I. Moderato
  2.  Sonata in C major, D. 840 - II. Andante
  3.  Sonata in D major, D. 850 - I. Allegro vivace
  4.  Sonata in D major, D. 850 - II. Con moto
  5.  Sonata in D major, D. 850 - III. Scherzo: Allegro vivace
  6.  Sonata in D major, D. 850 - IV. Allegro moderato