Richard III at BAM

I am excited for many reasons beyond the excellence I expect to encounter from the principals.  Richard III is the first play I ever saw in the theatre, and its unremitting drama (and those fearsome ghosts!) left a permanent deep impression.  Also, my own view has been that this play is undervalued by comparison with the other transcendent tragedies of the Bard...

The Great Blondin Returns

the Great Blondin over Niagara Falls

the Great Blondin over Niagara Falls

Does anyone else remember reading, in grade school, about the mythical Charles Blondin, a.k.a. The Great Blondin, cooking an omelette while perched atop a tightrope strung across Niagara Falls?  It’s something that’s remained lodged in my brain.  Well, now comes news that, after the obligatory regulatory hand-wringingde rigueur in our timorous age—the stunt can be attempted again, for the first time in over a century.  WOW.