Review: "Ignat Solzhenitsyn Is Stellar in Utah Symphony Debut"

A review of my début last week with the Utah Symphony.

In his Utah Symphony debut Friday, Solzhenitsyn brought a cool, professional demeanor to the Abravanel Hall podium that belied the vividness of his interpretations of music by Prokofiev, Hindemith and Mozart. The musicians responded with a light, flexible sound, illuminating the composers’ masterful orchestrations.

The concerto is one of those Mozart pieces in which interpretive insight is arguably more important than technical chops, but Solzhenitsyn’s elegant reading delivered on both counts. There was an air of conviviality between him and the chamber-size orchestra; his interaction with oboist Titus Underwood, who sat across the piano from him, was particularly engaging — like friends chatting over drinks or dinner.
— Catherine Reese Newton, The Salt Lake Tribune